About Us

Founded in 2009, the MJCLA is a business organization created to provide a platform for the implementation, development and promotion of the use of the collaborative legal process to resolve divorces and other family law related disputes. The group brings together matrimonial attorneys, financial professionals, mental health professionals and other professional advisors who are committed to fostering the growth of the collaborative divorce process in New Jersey.

Members of MJCLA meet on a regular basis to share information and expertise . Our goal is to educate practicing collaborative professionals and the general public about the benefits of collaborative law. In addition, the MJCLA participates with other collaborative groups in sponsoring conferences and disseminating educational materials to promote the understanding and practice of collaborative law.

With a focus on Middlesex, Mercer and Somerset Counties, but a goal to foster the development of collaborative practice statewide, the MJCLA website provides a one stop portal listing contact information for attorneys, financial professionals, mental health professionals and advisors who meet the group’s stringent training requirements. Each professional listed in our Directory has completed no less than sixteen hours of collaborative law training and no less than eight hours of mediation training to assure competent, quality representation to divorcing couples.

Collaborative Practice may help you. To find out more information or to speak to a Collaborative Law professional, contact one of our trusted MJCLA members today through the Directory on this website.

Our Values

RESPECT The Collaborative Practice agreement to acknowledge and maintain each individual’s dignity and respect supports both parties’ highest goals. With open communication and information sharing, all parties continue to focus on their commitment to mutual respect throughout the Collaborative process.

RESOLVE Can serious conflict be resolved without going to court? It can, and IACP members are dedicated to negotiating mutually acceptable settlements outside the court system. The help of additional professionals in areas of finance, personal matters, and child custody further strengthens the goal of resolution.

RENEW When mutual respect and a resolve to manage differences are maintained through Collaborative Practice, moving forward has a realistic basis for success. With a more positive process, new beginnings and opportunities take root more quickly.